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84 Franklin Pl,  Oceanside NY, 11572

( Sold )
Sold Price:
4 beds, 2 Full baths
MLS# 2826774
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Last Update: 12/3/2016 1:41 PM
Listing Summary
2 Full

Sold Price:
Sold Date:08/05/2016
2 Full
Charming Side Hall Terrace Colonial - Living Room/Fireplace - Formal Dining Room - Big Kitchen - Huge Family Room - 2 Full Bths - 4 Large Bedrooms- Finished Basement - Beautiful Landscaping
Listing Information
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  • a href="javael> So:open_prints="cBrochure('/homes-for-sale/84-Franklin-Pl-Oceanside-NY-11572-170470995/print')"> i ted (pric -print"> /i>Print Brochure
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    Nearby Communities
    Property Type: Single Family, Other
    Colonial 1 8
    4 2 73X94